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The Bascom’s major exhibitions highlight the work of the artists who live and work in our region, Bascom instructors and students, Artist Fellows and Residents, as well as world-renowned artists whose work might not otherwise be seen in this region. The Bascom's 3 galleries and the Winkler Sculpture and Nature Trail are host to approximately 10 exhibitions each year, which pair with our Outreach and Education departments to attract 20,000 visitors to The Bascom. Free guided tours are available upon advanced request.


Supporting Documents for Narrative/Abstraction/Iteration Exhibit
Updated Curator Statement Updated Curator Statement (538 KB)No media download found.  Curator statement about the Exhibit 
Artist Comments Artist Comments (450 KB)No media download found.  Artist comments on Penland 
Artist Thoughts Artist Thoughts (222 KB)No media download found. Artist thoughts on the 19th Amendment
NAI Bios NAI Bios (149 KB)No media download found. Artist Biography's 
NAI Price List NAI Price List (1055 KB)No media download found. Price List for NAI

Supporting Documents for Three Potters Exhibit
Three Potters Pricelist Three Potters Pricelist (1130 KB)No media download found.  Three Potters Price List
Three Potters Artist Bios Three Potters Artist Bios (132 KB)No media download found. Three Potters Artist Bios

“I liked the sculptures that were outside that we could go inside of. They are cool shapes. I liked walking around outside and going down to the river.
We only went to the Bascom on a certain day but I wish we could go every day.”
- Katie Fox, Highlands School, Age 11

“Viewing art at The Bascom has always been a fascinating and insightful experience for me. It has opened my eyes to various mediums and of art, and given me inspiration for what I could do with my own art in the future. It's amazing to me to see how other artists can express emotion and thought without using words, and it makes me hope that one day I will be able to envoke the same things with my art.”
– Sophie Biaso, 2016 Bascom Young Artist Fellow, Student at Rabun Gap Nacoochee School, Age 14
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